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ADA Additive Phyton-Git


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ADA Phyton Git 50ml

  • Activates Bacteria
  • Organic Acid
  • 50ml

  • Phyton Git is a formula mainly produced from sterilizing ingredient extracted from plants. It is suppressing the fern disease and effective for removing blue green algae.

    Phyton Git 50ml Liquid additive with natural extracts to prevent aquatic plants disease.

    1 drop per 5 liters per week for prevention of aquatic fern diseases.

    Additives Utility

    Green Bacter Green Gain Phyton Git ECA
    (Effective Composite Acid)
    Activation of effective bacteria
    Phytohormone that promotes growth of water plant
    Organic acid (Amino acid, for example) necessary for plant growth
    Iron composite necessary for reddish plants
    Promoting secretion of anti-germ substances
    Removal of blue green algae