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Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia

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Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia is a marsh plant found only on the western coast of Sumatra, one of the largest islands in the Indonesian Archipelago. This plant is also naturalized in Singapore, where it can be found in marshy soils along forest streams. It can be differentiated from the similar C. moehlmannii by the sulfur yellow inflorescence. Although still uncommon in the United States, C. pontederiifolia has long been popularly cultivated by hobbyists in Europe.

This robust Cryptocoryne sp. is unproblematic and adaptable in aquarium culture. Water conditions can range from soft to hard and from weakly acid to neutral. CO2 injection and intense lighting will cause the plant to become bushier and more compact while moderate to dim lighting will result in leggier, taller ones.

When first introduced into an aquarium, this plant will require several weeks of adaptation before growing commences. Afterward, growth is moderate to rapid. Unlike most Cryptocorynes, this species rarely suffers from 'melting.' Propagation can be done by splitting the daughter plants, formed by runners, from the mother plants.

The broad, textured leaves of C. pontederiifolia make it an excellent choice for the midground to background of medium to large aquariums where they can be used as an alternative to Anubias spp. It is occasionally used to form Dutch streets in large aquaria in Europe. It is also very attractive in the midground of Nature Aquarium style aquascapes among dark mosses and grassy plants. In medium size aquariums, this plant can also be used as a specimen plant.