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AZOO Raw Plant Hormone Zeatin - 60ml - Aponogeton saver


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Aquatic plants rely on hormones to control thier growth. When these are absent or deficient the plants cannot absorb nutrients (such as iron). These then form deposits in the roots and stems further hindering the absorption of nutrients, and so on.

Plant Hormones exist, of course, naturally and are employed by plants during all stages of growth. However, it actually requires alot of energy for plants to generate these substances. Therefore, when extra hormones are provided the plants can simply harness them. This instantly enhances growth. Specifically the action is one of increased ultilization of fertilisers.Zeatin is used to shorten the dormant growth stage of plants. This action is increased when Gibberellins is used with it.


(i) Stimulate cell division.

(ii) Stimulate the growth of lateralbuds of all water plants.

(iii) Stimulate the synthesis of chlorophyll.

(iv) Responsible for the synthesis of proteins.

(v) Delay the senescence of the leaves...which makes it an excellent choice for Aponogeton keepers because it extends the life of seasonal plants.

An interesting effect is achieved when Zeatin is combined with Auxins. The growth of top and lateral buds is actually hindered but the roots/leaves/stems grow more quickly. The result is a more thick, less lanky, more compact and bushier plant.