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AZOO RED Plant Nutrients


A very exciting new product. Dont' let the price or the dose rate put you off, a little bit actually goes a long way. The use of an iron test will show that it raises the iron level higher (and keeps it there longer) than most other formulas.

The most economical and effective way to use this preparation is in a smaller dose but in conjunction with another basic fertiliser. For example a combo of 10% Red Plant nutrients with 90% Chelate Ferrie works very well.

Your Rotala macranda and Ammania gracilis will shine!Not only does it intensify the colour of red plants (and give your aquarium an exciting fresh brighter look) but on a one quarter dose all plants grow like they're on steroids! The stems of Ambulia turn into virtual tree stumps!

Some suggested plants are:Alternanthera reineckii, Ammania gracilis, Barclaya longifolia (red), Aponogeton capuroni, Cryptocoryne; blassii, nurii, undulatus and wendtii (Mi Oya), Echinodorus hormanii (red) - looks superb,Hygrophlia rosanervis,Ludwigia ( all variants),Nymphaea zenkeri (red) and Rotala macranda and roundifolia