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Barrier Reef 190 watt LED


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This high powered compact LED for all Reef aquariums has a total wattage of 190 watts with wifi app to your device.

Supplied in an attractive modern White colour.

Model Number CTL--G4-MAM-150 Power draw 64x3W leds
Light channels AquaBlue/ AquaWhite/ AquaPurple/AquaUV/AquaSpecial Beam angle(COB) 90 degree-100 degree
LED quantity 64*3W LEDs Beam angle(LED) 60 degree -70 degree
DC input  DC 48V Control method IOS/Android mobile control
Standby consumption 2W Power consumption  150W±5%
Spectrum full spectrum Waterproof level Front:IP65,Rear:IP54
Control transmission WIfi and RF Power Efficiency >85%
Working humidity Less than 95% Temp Arise Heat Sink-air <20 degree
Housing material Aluminum Storage termperature -20℃ to 60℃
Life span 5 years Working temperature 0℃ -45℃
Product size 240mm(L)*220mm(W)*30mm(H) Net weight 1.76kg
Package Dimension 380mm(L)*280mm(W)*140mm(H) Gross weight 2.16 KG



1. Waterproof and Low DC input:


- Front side: IP66


- Rear side: IP54


- Safe 48V DC input with UL certificated power module


2. Full aluminum housing:


- Small dimension: 24cm x 22cm x 3cm


- Super thin (3cm thickness only)


- Super light (1.76kg /module), cost saving for delivery


- Super heat dissipation and long life time


- Anti-rust / corrosion


3. Five LED channels:


- Ch1: AquaBlue


- Ch2: AquaWhite


- Ch3: AquaPurple


- Ch4: AquaUV


- Ch5: AquaSpecial


- Provides 10,000,000,000 (100*100*100*100*100) colors


4. Intelligent Control:


- APP control


- Truly Intelligent LED Aquarium Light with APP control


- Easy programming for each LED channel at each hour of a day


- Super high spectrum efficiency


- Higher energy efficiency


5. Transmission:


- Master LED lamp and slave LED lamp;


- Mobile phone is to control master LED lamp via WIFI


- Master LED lamp is to control all slave LED lamp via RF


- One master LED lamp can control more than 500 slave LED lamps


6. Modular design, easy installtion:




Easy expansion


- Easy installtion with aluminum rail