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Chemi Clean Liquid 2oz


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ChemiClean Liquid 2oz  Boyd 

Chemiclean cleans stains from red, black, blue-green, and methane (bubble) producing cyanobacteria in marine aquariums.

It is completely safe for all fish, corals, invertebrates, and nitrifying bacteria in reef systems. It's simple, quick and easy to use. Chemiclean works within 48 hours oxidizing trapped organic sludge and promotes an ideal enzyme balance. Chemiclean will clean stains from red cyanobacteria in aquariums.


Simple to Use Instructions*:

  1. Remove      all chemical filtration (Chemi-pure, Chemi-pure Elite, carbon, etc.)
  2. Turn      off protein skimmer, ozonizer, uv sterilizer.
  3. Use air      pump with an airstone for upkeep of oxygen. THIS IS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT.
  4. Use one      drop per gallon, wait 48 hours. It is imperative that you take into      account water displacement of sand, rock and filter when dosing!
  5. Perform      a minimum 20% water change, then add back your chemical filtration      (Chemi-pure, Chemi-pure Elite, carbon, etc.) and let filter run for 24      hours.
  6. Turn on      protein skimmer, ozonizer, uv sterilizer. Repeat if necessary starting      with step 1.

*Disclaimer - We are not liable and cannot be held responsible for improper use of Chemi-clean