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Pet Worx Aquarium Filter Pad

We will be shipping live Fish and coral only on Monday and Tuesday of each week.

Aquarium filter pad are large filter media pad designed to be cut to fit almost any filter application, such as hanging filters, pond filters, trickle filters, wet/dry filters, drip trays, canister filters, powerhead attachments, and many other mechanical filter applications (Great For Aqua-one and Jebo tanks).

Each Aquarium Filter Media pad is made of a polyfiber material that will not deteriorate after long exposure to water.The ammonia filter is impregnated with special ammonia grabbing resin. The molecular resin coating has tremendous ability to pull toxic ammonia from the aquarium water. ammonia filter media is very helpful in controlling the toxins associated with the introduction of new fish to an aquarium, overfeeding, over crowding and lack of water changes. All of these circumstances place additional burden on the biological system for which it cannot immediately manage. The ammonia Filter Media is the perfect way to help eliminate these deadly ammonia levels.

18" x 10 " inches