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Libra Vessel 2.5 S - 130mm Diameter Tube/Stackable


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Libra Vessels were designed for use with the Libra Doser. These uniquely designed containment chambers can be used for any aquarium supplement. These vessels come in 2 forms both able to contain up to 2.5 ltrs of fluid.Libra Vessels are built with only the finest acrilic tubes and PVC sheets to create a strong but beautiful combination of form and function. The base contains a concave circle beneath each draw tube so that your doser can draw the contents to the very last drop. Vessels lids are ringed with a red silicone o-ring to prevent spillage and to create a air tight seal. The rim of the Vessel is masterfully rounded and polished to complete the clean seamless look from top to bottom. Both Vessels come with accurate measurements etched into the clear acrylic in .5ltr increments. Libra Vessel 2.5 S The 2.5 S has the unique capability to be stack upon one another. This is a great attribute for those aquarists that have limited space and need to fit their dosing assembly in a small area. The John Guest fittings are placed on the outer edge of the lid to accommodate the stackability. Three feet are provided with each Libra Vessel 2.5 S to securely lock the vessels together to create a seamless upward transition. Dimensions: H 9"(230mm), W 6.25"(160mm)