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TC Cryptocoryne axelrodi

TC Cryptocoryne axelrodi

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Cryptocoryne Axelrodi is a lovely Cryptocoryne species that provides a classic look with narrow leaves that are a rich greenish-brown hue in coloration. With growth dependent on environmental factors, Cryptocoryne Axelrodi is a good choice for mid ground coverage in an aquascape layout that uses a nutrient-dense aqua soil as Cryptocoryne is a heavy root feeding genus. Its narrow leaves, pointed tips and varying color tones provide a good contrast against other aquarium plants and a nice texture to add to the mix. 

Final size, shape and hue are determined by the environment in which it is kept. When provided with strong lighting and CO2, Cryptocoryne Axelrodi may grow flatter with a wider spread. Cryptocoryne species are fairly hardy once adapted to the aquarium but do not appreciate being moved around so once a spot is chosen, care should be taken to not disturb the plant and parameters within the aquarium tank should not fluctuate too quickly as this could encourage rot.

Propagation is done by splitting the rhizome or cutting off new growth and replanting. 

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