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Tunze Wavebox Extension 6212.50


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Tunze Wavebox 6212 is a wave generator for aquariums from 52-317gal (200-1200L). It is specially suitable for reef biotopes as it generates an oscillating current. The current corresponds exactly to the wave structure and water movement in reef top zones. The Wavebox applies this oscillating principle through Wave Controller 6091, which uses the intrinsic resonance of the tank. A very low power consumption generates ideal water movement. The water is in movement in all areas of the aquarium, even the smallest section behind a decoration benefits from the wash. Example: ON account of the wash of the waves, the maximum water level may rise 0.78in (2cm) and more in aquariums with a length of 59in (1.5m). The wave height can be adjusted electronically. Oscillating current with near-nature wave movement and circulation De-sedimentation of the entire aquarium habitat; natural water movement for fish and coralsis produced Wave generation at low power consumption Supplements existing circulation pumps Little space required Dimensions (L x W x H): 4.9in x 4.4in x 11.8in (125mm x 113mm x 300mm) For tanks from 52-317gal (200-1200L) For larger tanks, an additional Wavebox extension (w/o Wave Controller) can be used to extend the system