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What's in Store this Week - 29th September

We have some wonderful Tissue Culture Aquarium plants in store.

Please see the species we have -
• Crypt Lucen
• Monte Carlo
• Micranthemum gold coast
• Hydrocotyle tripartite
• Rotala pearl mini type 1
• Mini glosso
• Belem 'dwarf' hairgrass
• Pogostemon helferi
• Rotala colorata
• Cyperus helferi

New Fish Species - Danio margaritatus, the celestial pearl danio, often referred to in the aquarium trade as galaxy rasbora or Microrasbora sp. 'Galaxy', is a small cyprinid from Myanmar. Pleas speak to our friendly staff to know more about this rare species.


September 29, 2016 by AGP Management
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