Collection: Freshwater Fertilisers And Additives

Fertilisers are specially formulated to match the plant varieties and environment of your style aquarium. From high concentrated mixes like EI and Max Gro for heavily planted coloured stem/CO2 tanks, to the more tame and less concentrated Easy grow, APT 1 and ADA series. 

All fertiliser brands are instructed according to a fully planted style tank whether it be high end and fast growing colourful stems or slow growing low light mosses, anubias and ferns. If you have a tank with a minimal or low stock of plants, typically start off with half or use 1/3 of the said dose on the instructions, otherwise you could be prone to algae outbreaks. 

This is also true to single trace element dosing. When using root tablet fertilisers, typically reduce liquid dosing as well but it can still be used as some plants prefer the instant access to liquid compared to slow release tablet forms.

Rosette Plants:

Plants such as Swords, Crinum, Cryptocoryne and Aponageton, typically prefer root tablet style fertilisers at the base of their roots.

Stem & Carpet Plants:

All stems benefit from both root tablets and liquid fertilisers, with liquids being better for the faster growing species. Both methods aren't needed with liquid being primarily recommend but tablets are fine for easier stem varieties.

Epiphytic Plants:

Plants that require a form of decor like wood or stone to grow on. These plants prefer liquid fertilisers as they don't have access to substrate and use roots to absorb nutrients from the water.  Plants such as ferns, Anubias, Moss, Bolbitis, Bucephalndra and H.pinnatifida are classified in this category.