Great place for tropical fish owners and hobbyists.

— Taylor Dutoit

The best by far. The staff are friendly and extremely helpful with advice

and always make time for us, you never feel like they want to be anywhere

else. And they have everything at reasonable prices.

— Stacey & Matt Purves

Good prices and very friendly and knowledgeable staff. They were happy to answer all questions and give great advice.

— Chiara Blundell

Great place for tropical fish owners and hobbyists

— Mike B

A really nice boutique aquarium store. Price is good, staff are helpful and

generally have all the basics for both fresh and

salt water aquariums.

— Ryan Witney

Hi Chin, Matt, John, Darren and The Team at Aquarium Gallery Perth,

I wanted to respond to your e-mail. This is actually the first time I have ever felt the need to give a business feedback (without them asking for it).

We visited your store on Sunday and it was an absolute pleasure being there.

The customer service was first class, the product knowledge of staff was amongst the best I have ever received from any type of store and all staff were friendly and helpful.

Your store was also spectacular. The fish were amazing but just as important was how clean, bright, tidy, inviting and well organised the store was.

We purchased a fish tank on Sunday and we will be back in two weeks to get the tank water tested and hopefully be ready to purchase some fish.

We have already recommended your store to friends and family.
Thank you again for the wonderful experience so far.


— Travis

Absolutely great bunch of guys super knowledgeable and always willing to help out.

Makes it easy for newbies like me.

They also keep a great range of stock for any level of aquarium enthusiasts. Spot on guys keep it up. I won't shop anywhere else.

— Brent Willmers, December 2016

Always love coming into the store. Staff are always very helpful and have always given me good advice. I have been coming to the shop for a little while now and I recommend them highly.

— Luke Johnston, January 2017

Fantastic service and staff you feel very welcome when you walk in the door best shop in Perth

— Wayne Mercovich, April 2017

Such great help. They always have time for customers, know what theyre talking about, and have everything you need.

— Matt Purves, February 2017

Awesome customer service. Product I ordered and received was wrong but they did everything necessary to fix it including expediting shippment. Couldn't have been more helpful and apologetic.

If I lived in Perth I would visit but I live 3500km away

— Andrew Hobson, January 2017

Great looking store with very nice coral display tanks, friendly and helpful staff.

— Tony Kuhar, May 2017

Sleepless nights are a thing of the Past

A very big thank you to Graham & Matt at AGP.

For no apparent Reason my Tunze 1073.110 110 /11000 lts per hour return Pump developed a very loud vibration which was in danger of causing some serious problems if left unfixed.

Graham asked no questions and replaced the unit under warranty immediately.
This is what I call great service and would recommend all my fellow Reefers to give AGP a try.

They carry a large range of quality products and the service is certainly better than what I have personally found in the Aquarium trade in Perth.

Thanks again guy's

— Bob Millington, July 2016

Bought a Tunze skimmer from AGP over 12 months ago and had to have the impellor replaced (magnet fractured) twice in that 12 months. AGP replaced the impellor each time, no questions asked. When the skimmer stopped again two weeks ago, AGP replaced both the motor and impellor, immediately and again without question. That's what I call customer service! I highly recommend them and their customer service, which is sadly lacking in many businesses these days!. (And despite the Tunze hiccoughs, I would recommend them because their after sales service (esp through AGP) is fantastic.) Thanks AGP!

— Ann-Marie Godsell, September 2016

2.5 months into my first 400L reef tank and everything is flourishing couldn't have done it without the expert and friendly advice from the guys. True aquarium enthusiasts all equipment and live stock from them the only shop i go to..... every week lol thanks again guys.

— Robert Hutchinson, 26 January 2016

Honestly THE most beautiful store I've ever stepped foot into, I could happily spend hours here. The staff are really helpful and knowledgable, I learnt more in ten minutes talking to a staff member than I have in hours of internet browsing. Great selection of plants you won't find anywhere else, beautiful rocks and cheap prices!

— Serina Mcconnell, July 2015

How did I not know about this place sooner!!? Their tanks were beautiful. Easily the best aquarium supply shop in Perth. Great service too hope you don't mind me being in every week now haha.

— Adrian James, June 2015

Online shopping was a breeze! Thank you.

— Sandy Karasek, April 2017

The fantastic displays as well as clean and organized layout gives you the assurance that you are buying quality aquarium products and livestock. Best of all are the competitive prices and IMO the best customer service around.

— Darren Mark Theseira, March 2015

Went in yesterday and put a deposit down on a custom tank. Great shop and great advise and service to go with it

Thanks again and I can't wait until the tank is ready so I can set it up.

— Steve Rutter, August 2015

One of the best aquarium retail environments I have sat in! and enjoyed a coffee! Minimalist, great presentation and innovative tank set ups highly recommend a visit

— Liam Michael Early, October 2014

Favorite shop in Perth, this is one pimped out aquarium store. I feel like a kid in a lolly shop. The guys there are a fantastic help and prices are great. Also love their stance on supporting sustainable providers.

— Robert Zammit, August 2014

Went in here the other day and could have stayed forever! Amazing service and advice and will be doing my new tank build.

— Blake Proud, October 2015

I purchased a pair of partnered Clown Fish. Matt was a great help and very pleasant to deal with. Shipping was a breeze, will definately be back for more fish to fill my tank up. Thank you

— Kahlia Downes, February 2015

We are big fans, the guys are so friendly and knowledgeable and will always go the extra mile to help.

— SirSeve J DesChamp, March 2016

If I could give 6 stars I would, the best service I've ever seen, amazing products and the store looks great. Also can cook a real good sausage sizzle!

— Holly-Beth Caiacob, April 2015


Good knowledgable and friendly staff! Probably best fish shop in Northern suburbs wide selection of aquarium plants also help with importing into nanny state!

— Ted Leung, June 2014


Amazing shop with great knowledge, amazes me every time I go in there at such detail that goes into every tank.

— Anthony John Heart, March 2015


Fella's the shop looks amazing. Looking for a calcifier, big enough for a 10 foot tank .... Hope to hear from you soon with some options. Great shop.

— Scott Schluter, January 2014


Fantastic and the staff are always well informed and keen to help out with any questions

— Justin Welsh, March 2016


Excellent store wish I'd gone there first, very close to home and convenient. Staff were beyond helpful and have been instrumental in the setup of my first marine aquarium. Prices were affordable and products are of fantastic quality. Will definitely be back.

— Mitchell Lowe, March 2015


Once again quality customer service and great help from Matt and Cairn and got my self a pair of nice snow flake clowns thank you guys.

— Kais Dominic Fullerton, November 2014


Only high end fish store that I have seen in Perth. Very friendly staff. Highly recommend if you are looking at aquarium set ups!

— Kevin Mahoney, September 2015


Great place, friendly staff, so knowledgeable!! Can't recommend enough.

— Jacky Townshend, August 2015


Awesome friendly LFS. Staff full of useful knowledge to help you on your way. Highly recommended for a first time reefer like myself :).......

— Chris Hughes, November 2014


Classy gear, great aquascaping pieces and ideas. Didn't get a chance to stay long but will be back.

— Steve Roney, July 2015


Best customer service in perth, amazing display tanks. New aqua scaping room is one of kind. Wouldn't trust anywhere else with our marine aquarium.

— Ryan Meadowcroft , May 2014


Displays are amazing! staff are very friendly and helpful. Do yourself a favour and pay a visit if you havent

— Ben K Jones , June 2014


Great shop. The knowledge and customer service is incredible.Everything that I require for my high tech freshwater aquarium is usually in stock. Awesome displays.

— Paul Cheshire , June 2014


The display tanks are creative and amazing. The quality of the marine life is superb and the staff are very informative, knowledgable and friendly.

— Colin Gerrard , April 2014


Great shop great service worth the 600 km drive.

— Bruce Moores , December 2015


The inside looks amazing, great setups Customer service was fantastic They had a solutions to every problem I had

— Dillon Klarich , May 2015


Just bought the "ruby red dragonet blenny". Excellent fish, excellent customer service again. Thanks. It's already eating.

— Craig Jones , July 2014


Best aquarium store in Perth. The staff are fantastic and the display tanks are stunning.

— Jai Greeves , August 2014


Great guys with awesome knowledge. First class service always.

— Christian Stenvall , April 2015


Awesome bunch of people! Such a relaxing environment. Could spend all day in there! :) Overall a great store!

— Brooke Watson , September 2014


Good knowledgable and friendly staff! Probably best fish shop in Northern suburbs wide selection of aquarium plants also help with importing into nanny state!

— Ted Leung, June 2014


Enjoyed my visit. Rather dangerous with so many beautiful items for sale :)

— Graeme White , December 2013


Great dry goods at internet prices. Advice and stock the best I've seen in wa.

— Wesley Bell , June 2014


Woah.... If heaven was an aquarium store...

— Jemma Patten, May 2015


Amazing shop!

— Michael Nguyen, February 2014


Very helpful and good quality stock. Different to the other stores and you get allot of inspiration there.

— Kai Jacks , April 2017


Very helpful and good quality stock. Different to the other stores and you get allot of inspiration there.

— Kai Jacks , April 2017