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Eheim 4005651 - Oxygen Diffuser 16/22 mm

Eheim 4005651 - Oxygen Diffuser 16/22 mm

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Diffuser for InstallationSET 2 and hose-Ø 16/22 mm, also for filters professionel II 2026/28 and 2126/2128, professionel 3 Typ 2075, 2080/2180, professione 4+ Typ 2275 and classic 2250, 2260

The diffusor draws in fresh air from the outside and this enriches the aquarium water with oxygen. The supply of oxygen is necessary particularly for sparsely planted aquariums, for cold and sea water tanks or for keeping oxygen-loving fish. Air should also be supplied whenever a cover or lighting system limits the space over the surface of the water, otherwise the oxygen available from this area would soon be used up. Tip: EHEIM VARILUX Aquarium hoods with their caf-Technology (constant air flow) provide air circulation. 

  • Small and simple to fix on the tank glass
  • Enriches the water with air/oxygen
  • Recommended for sparsely planted aquariums or tanks with high stock levels of fish
  • Positioning the diffusor at the water surface level also gives excellent water surface movement
  • Air flow can be adjusted with a pressure adjusting clamp 

The advantages:

- To fix small device, simply on the pelvic wall

- Enriches the water with air or oxygen

- Recommended for aquariums with little plant growth or strong fish trimming

- With mounting scarcely in the water surface with level injection corner a good water movement is achievable at the same time

- Dosage of the sucked air by enclosed pressure regulating clip

Technical facts:

for hose size Ø 16/22 mm

fresh water yes

sea water yes

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