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ADA Green Bacter Plus

ADA Green Bacter Plus

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ADA Nature Aquarium Green Bacter

  • Activates Bacteria
  • Organic Acid
  • 50ml

  • Green Bacter is an additive, made from organic acid and designed for promoting the growth of filtration bacteria. It is effective for the aquarium in its initial set up period and after a regular water change.

    Green Bacter 50ml Liquid additives with naturally derived organic acid promoting the propagation of micro organisms.

    1 drop per 10 liters everyday for a week after setup.
    1 drop per 30 liters everyday there after.

    Additives Utility

    Green Bacter Green Gain Phyton Git ECA
    (Effective Composite Acid)
    Activation of effective bacteria
    Phytohormone that promotes growth of water plant
    Organic acid (Amino acid, for example) necessary for plant growth
    Iron composite necessary for reddish plants
    Promoting secretion of anti-germ substances
    Removal of blue green algae
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