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ADA Power Sand Advanced

ADA Power Sand Advanced

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Power Sand Advance is the successor of the Power Sand and is a first layer base substrate material designed for providing vital nutrients to the roots of aquatic plants. This excellent product also promotes ongoing growth of substrate bacteria. This very porous “sub” substrate media has a massive surface area which stimulates good water circulation, and organic nutrients to promote the growths of multi-strains of bacteria.

The Power Sand is a vital part of the ADA Substrate System that is famous the world over. Utilizing just the Amazonia Soils is only ½ of the method of success.  With ADA Power Sand, the substrate has a maximum potential for water and nutrient circulation which carries oxygen to stimulate bacterial activity and the development of the plant roots. This is the ideal condition of a healthy substrate, in order to establish a balanced ecosystem.

In other soils or substrates, persistent problems occur with the passage of time. Water circulation is obstructed with buildup and anaerobic activity starts to occur, thus rotting the roots of the plants. The mixed size substrate with Power Sand at the bottom secures good water circulation due to the multiple shapes and sizes of the granules. Even when aquatic plants have been growing for long periods and waste matter accumulates, Power Sand maintains proper water circulation.

Unlike other ADA Power Sand, Advance more minerals and nutrients to the substrate. Tough this product contains trace amounts of Bactor 100 andSuper Clear, strongly  recommend the addition of Bactor 100, Super Clear and Tourmalin for the very best results.

Power Sand Special will be switched to POWER SAND ADVANCE. This product has more nutrients than POWER SAND BASIC, and on top of Bacter 100 and Clear Super, it contains BC powder (bamboo charcoal powder), which helps encourage the growth of plants. Choose an appropriate granule size (Small, Medium, Large) based on depth of aquarium water in your tank. 2-liter and 6-liter bags are available.

  • Nutrients Contained in Power Sand-S are Slowly Dissolved and Absorbed by Plant Roots.

  • Extremely Rich in Nutrient and Coconut Carbon BC , an Advanced Suppliant. 

  •  Contains a Massive Amount of vital Nutrients  for the Optimal Start of your Aquascape.

  • The Ability to Supply Oxygen is Utmost Important for Oxygen Loving Aerobic Bacteria. Insufficient Oxygen Promotes Anaerobic Bacteria to Flourish, which produce toxic and kills Plant Roots.

  • Works Optimally to Nourish the many Strains of Bacter 100 that is Proven Help Minimize Algae and Stimulate Plant Health.

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