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ADA Softenizer

ADA Softenizer

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ADA SOFTENIZER is a water neutralizer designed to lower the (GH level) of hard water, which has high mineral content (such as Calcium & Magnesium carbonates, bicarbonates, and sulfates). The Softenizer absorbs and removes calcium ions and magnesium ions with ion exchange resin, which lowers the water hardness (GH) effectively. By reducing the water hardness, the aquatic plant growth problems can be improved.

Water hardness (GH level) becomes higher by the dissolution of calcium ion and magnesium ion contained in some layout stones and decorative sand into the aquarium water. Aquatic plants in the water with high water hardness (GH), may result in some developmental problems such as dwarf syndrome or chlorosis.

Three sizes are available according to the size of the aquarium tank and the water quality. The appearance of moving resin is not only beautiful visually but also won't disturb the aesthetic of the Aquascape.

  • Made of high-clarity glass
  • For softening water
  • Visually appealing
  • Exchange resin must be renewed regularly
  • For aquariums from 60 up to 90 cm in length

Contents /
Softenizer (with suction cup)
Ion-Exchange Resin (250ml)
One-way cock
Silicone tube
Softenizer 20 : Aquarium tank 60cm in length or less / Water with a lower total hardness
Softenizer 50 : Aquarium tank 60-90cm in length / Water with a slightly high total hardness
Softenizer 300 : Aquarium tank 90cm in length and above / Water with a high total hardness
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