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ADA Clear Super (50g)

ADA Clear Super (50g)

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ADA Clear Super 50g

Clear Super is a substrate additive made from activated carbon and organic acid. Clear Super helps the growth of micro organisms. By sprinkling on the base substrate, it promotes the growth of micro organisms in the substrate, and stabilizes the environment.

Clear Super 50g is Wood Charcoal powder, rich in organic acid, promotes the growth of micro organisms.

When setting up a substrate system, sprinkle clear super evenly over Power Sand. Recommended dosage of of Clear Super is 3 Spoons with the supplied spoon in the box to 2 liters of Power Sand.

The substrate additives are designed to be sprinkled directly on the bottom of aquarium tank before spreading the base substrate. They keep the substrate environment in good condition, and promotes the propagation of microorganisms, and the growth of aquatic plant roots. With the help of additives, the substrate environment stabilizes quickly, and it makes possible to keep the aquarium layout for a long period.

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