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ADA Super Jet Filter ES-150 Ver.2 (12v DC)* (Special Order)

ADA Super Jet Filter ES-150 Ver.2 (12v DC)* (Special Order)

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*This is a special order item. We do not stock this item in store but we are able to order on request. Please contact us for details.

Super Jet Filter ES-150 Ver.2

Super Jet Filter ES-150 Ver.2 are external filters made of stainless steel adapted to small aquarium tanks. Its traditional stainless steel body of the Super Jet Filter series has remained the same. By adapting high pump head function, it has evolved into something quieter and more powerful. It is designed for disassembly for easy maintenance. Spring Washer SS comes with the product to maintain Lily Pipe and Clear Hose easily. It can be widely used for breeding fish and growing aquatic plants.
* For freshwater aquarium use only.

Standard aquarium tank sizes adapted to ES-150 Ver.2:
W30xD18xH24cm~W45xD27xH30cm aquarium tanks

Silent design pump
Operation noise: less than 35dB (at the distant of 1m)
Operation frequency: 50/60Hz

Filtration Media/
ES-150 Ver.2 Anthracite 1L (supplied in net), Bio Cube 0.5L

Pump Specification/ ES-150 Ver.2 Flow Rate 3.5L/min, Maximum Pump Head 1.3m

ES-150 Ver.2 3W(12DCV)

ES-150 Ver.2 Spin type accessories/
Lily Pipe Spin P-1 (Ø10), Lily Pipe Mini V-2 (Ø13), Spring Washer SS, Clear Hose Ø10 (9 / 12mm), Clear Hose Ø13 (12 / 16mm), Hose Band Ø10 x 1, Hose Band Ø17 x1, Stabilization Mat, Cleaning Powder

* New pump needs its designated top panel. Power adopter has been updated as well.

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