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ADA Tourmaline BC (100g)

ADA Tourmaline BC (100g)

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Tourmaline BC 100g

Tourmaline BC contains fine bamboo charcoal, absorbing organic pollutant substances and tourmaline.

Add some over the substrate during the initial set-up, and it will help to improve the substrate environment.

Special features of TOURMALINE BC

Tourmaline, is called 'electrical stone' develops a weak electrical current and works for keeping active water.

The cell of living becomes active with the active water so that the propagation of microorganism and the growth of plant are nurtured.

Also, Tourmaline contains abundant mineral such as iron, manganese and boron etc, and this minute amount of mineral works for promoting growth of plants and healthy condition of fish.

TOURMALINE BC is made from finely crushed quality tourmaline for increasing its electrical force and poromeric charcoal powder.

It prevents propagation of putrefactive bacterium, and maintains substrate condition healthy for a long time by spreading at bottom of the aquarium substrate.

Also, it has a character that promotes absorbing nutrients from plants' roots, therefore aquatic plants can grow well.

The substrate additives are designed to be sprinkled directly on the bottom of aquarium tank before spreading the base substrate. They keep the substrate environment in good condition, and promotes the propagation of microorganisms, and the growth of aquatic plant roots. With the help of additives, the substrate environment stabilizes quickly, and it makes possible to keep the aquarium layout for a long period.

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