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Aquaforest Life Bio Sand 7.5KG

Aquaforest Life Bio Sand 7.5KG

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** Aquaforest 7.5kg bags of substrate are a bulky item.  A shipping  surcharge may be required for regional WA and Eastern States customers. Bulky items are not covered under Free Freight *

Aquaforest Bio Sand 7.5 kg is a natural white sand 0.5-1.5 mm with nitrifying bacteria

It is free from contaminants and its calcium carbonate content helps stabilize water chemistry. The latest technology in AF Bio Sand speeds up the maturation process of an aquarium significantly and ensures a faster addition of livestock in a newly set up aquarium.

The supplied vials contain laboratory isolated strains of nitrifying bacteria and a nutrient, which facilitates their development and multiplication. The product's specialist formulation guarantees a much faster closure of the nitrogen cycle and elimination of harmful chemical compounds than with traditional substrates.

Due to its wide range of applications, AF Bio Sand will also work perfectly in a rotating aquarium as a substrate supplement.

Sand granulation is 0.5-1.5 mm.


Dust / sand residue will form during transport and it is, however, completely safe for your aquarium. To prevent water turbidity, we strongly recommend rinsing the sand in RODI water before use

Pour the contents of both bottles into 3 liters of salt water, mix well

Add to the sandbag and let stand for 24 hours.

Do not close the bag to allow the bacteria to multiply. We do not recommend storage in cool places as it will significantly increase the time of bacterial multiplication.

The optimum sand maturation temperature is about 25-28 ° C (77-82 ° F).

After 24 hours, the sand is ready for use in the aquarium.

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