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Angelfish Regal

Angelfish Regal

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The Regal Angelfish Pygoplites diacanthus is one of the most striking angelfish to behold. It will reach around 9.8” in length and is adorned with white and orange stripes edged in blues and blacks. The dorsal and anal fins are striped in blue and orange, and the rear portion of the dorsal fin is black with blue spots. The tail is yellow and the fins are edged in a neon blue. 

As delicate as it is exquisite, this striped beauty is best kept by expert aquarists with large systems. The aquarium needs to be very large, at least 100 gallons or more, with lots of rockwork for hiding places to make it feel secure. The water quality must be pristine and have a pH of 8.1 or higher, as well as very stable temperature and salinity parameters. It is a finicky eater and needs sponge in its diet to survive. The ideal tank would be a reef setting with large established coral colonies. A very mature tank with lots of natural foods can help in long term survival.

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