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Angelfish Blue Ring (Special Order) "Very Rare"

Angelfish Blue Ring (Special Order) "Very Rare"

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he Blue-ringed Angelfish Pomacanthus annularis is a handsome specimen both as a juvenile and as an adult. Though juveniles are very similar in appearance to several other members of the Pomacanthus genus, the adult is easily distinguished. The adult has a vibrant blue patterning of graceful upcurving bands on top of a golden brown background. Its common name comes from the bright orange, blue rimmed eyespot above the gill cover. It is also known by the common names Blue King Angelfish and Ringed Angelfish.

The Blue-ringed Angelfish is one of the few Pomacanthus that really likes turbid waters. In the wild it is often found in harbor areas near piers and sunken ships where the water is unsettlled. This is one big angelfish, it can reach almost 18” (45 cm) in length and live for over 16 years in captivity. Tank size is very important for the angel to provide hiding places along with plenty of open swimming space. It should have a minimum tank size of 180 gallons, but optimally a 250 to 300 gallon (946 - 1,135 liters) tank is suggested. Be sure the tank is wide enough so this large angel can comfortably turn around.

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