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Angelfish Platinum 4.5cm

Angelfish Platinum 4.5cm

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Platinum Angelfish

The angelfish is one of the most recognizable aquarium fish species and is a great tropical fish species to keep. After extensive captive breeding, many colour variations have been created. One of the most striking variations is the platinum angelfish, renowned for its pure, shimmering while look these fish are an immediate eye-catcher. They look amazing in virtually any aquarium setting and are an immediate eye turner for any guests who have a look at your aquarium.

Platinum angelfish are developed from the albino angelfish, this means they have classic red eyes and a slight yellow tint. Their main showstopper is the metallic finish they have with the pearl scale gene which creates these striations and a mirror-like glass look to the body which is almost reflective. Platinum angelfish are a great addition to planted tanks as their glittering white look under aquarium lights makes them stand out amazingly against the greenery of plants.  just like other angelfish variants, the platinum angel makes a great peaceful fish for aquariums.

Trying to find the males and females is not only the platinum angel but angelfish, in general, is somewhat difficult when they are small however dominant males will develop a small hump on their head. 100% certainly is only achieved when a breeding pair is formed. Platinum angelfish are not found in the wild as they are captive bred and create colour variation however the angelfish, in general, is from South America.

Tank Recommendations for your Platinum Angelfish 

The Platinum angel is a colour variation of the common scalare angelfish species meaning it has the same aquarium needs as any other angelfish variety. Reaching around 15 cm long and a decent 20 cm tall. Because of this, they would need to be kept in a tank that is at least 100 liters. Platinum angelfish are not exactly a solitary species and should be kept in mated pairs or shoals. However they will need space as they can be territorial at times, so having a good footprint in the aquarium is always best. A sand or gravel substrate is perfectly fine but a well-planted aquarium with lots of branching driftwood and rock will be greatly appreciated by these angelfish. This species is most active when lights are turned on during the day

Suitable Tank Buddies

The Platinum Angelfish is fairly peaceful with aggression only ever coming out during breeding males however they may eat very small fish fry and shrimp. With adequate space, these fish will get along with a wide range of community fish. it has however been noted that angelfish can possibly be aggressive against fish species that look similar.

Usually Compatible

Tetras, gouramis, corydoras, angelfish, barbs dwarf cichlids such as rams, and large peaceful cichlids such as uaru or Severums.

Sometime Compatible

Semi-aggressive or territorial cichlids like fire mouths, convicts cichlids, and similar species.

Rarely Compatible 

Large aggressive species such as African cichlids, Oscars, and Jaguar cichlids.

Feeding your Platinum Angelfish
Angelfish in general are a very easy species to feed that will take to a wide range of aquarium foods like pellets or flakes. They are naturally omnivore that feeds off plant matter like algae and small insects and crustaceans so a well-balanced aquarium food that has good protein and green content would be best. Feeding should occur once a day and it is best to do so when the lights are on.

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