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Angelfish White Tail Pygmy

Angelfish White Tail Pygmy

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The Pygmy Whitetail Angelfish is one of the smallest of its genus and very cute! What it lacks in size it makes up for in beauty. It is a striking deep blue colour, with a purple tint on its lower face. The tail fin is pale yellow or white, the rest of the fins have a bright blue trim on the edge.

The Pygmy Whitetail Angelfish is hermaphroditic. They are unsexed when born, but as adults start as female. The biggest or most dominant female in a group will change sex to male. A male can change back to a female, but this process takes a longer period of time. They are believed to be open water spawners.

This species natural habitat is in the Indo-Pacific. From the East African coast to Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, and Fiji. It can be found around rubble areas of reefs, on slopes, and sponge beds. Usually between depths of 10-60 meters.

Tank Recommendations for the Pygmy Whitetail Angelfish

The Pygmy Whitetail Angelfish needs a tank of at least 55 gallons (208.2 litres) capacity.

They aren't ideal for a reef aquarium as they will nibble on soft, and stony corals, as well as clam mantles. A fish only tank is a more suitable option.

It should have plenty of live rock for grazing on microalgae. The rockwork should be arranged to create lots of hiding places and swim ways for them to explore.

Suitable Tank Buddies

The Pygmy Whitetail Angelfish is a semi-aggressive species. They are best suited to tanks with companions the same size or larger.

They can be kept with conspecifics as a mated pair or in a harem. If two males are kept in the same tank they will fight to the death.

Usually Compatible

Suitable companions include large Angelfish, Tangs, Pufferfish, Batfish, Parrotfish, and Squirrelfish.

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