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Anubias nana 'Petite'

Anubias nana 'Petite'

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'Petite Nana' is a man-made cultivar originating from the Oriental Aquariums company in Singapore. While its characteristics are like that of Anubias barteri var. nana in almost every aspect, its smaller stature is displaced by its disproportionately larger price tag and lack of availability.

Contrary to what some dealers may tell you, 'Petite Nana' leaves do get larger than the shipped 1cm sized leaves. However, even when they get larger, they are still considerably smaller than those of the normal var. nana. In the aquarium, this plant is nearly indestructible. The growth habit of this plant is composed of a creeping rhizome which produces leaves that can last for years. It can tolerate a wide variety of lighting conditions from very low (less than 1 watt per gallon) to very high (more than 4 watt per gallon). It does well with or without CO2, although CO2 addition does promote faster growth as does a rich substrate and the removal of older leaves. High phosphate levels (1.5-2 ppm) seem to encourage flowering in this species regardless of tank conditions or the health of the plant. These high phosphate levels, along with heavy iron and trace fertilization, reduce spot algae problems for plants directly under high light. Relocating the plant to a shaded area is another solution.

To propagate, simply cut the rhizome into two or more pieces depending on the size of the plant.

In aquascaping, this plant can be used as a midground accent in the so-called nano and small sized aquaria or as a foreground plant in medium to large aquariums. When planting in the substrate, do not bury the rhizome or it will rot. Anubias barteri var. nana 'Petite' can also be tied to driftwood and rocks using fishing line or cotton thread. This plant firmly attaches itself to the object by the time the cotton thread disintegrates.
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