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Apistogramma - Cacatuoides Super Red PAIR

Apistogramma - Cacatuoides Super Red PAIR

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*Actual stock may vary from picture, and sexual maturity. Picture is of mature individuals

The genus Apistogramma is one of the most popular genera of cichlids among advanced hobbyists. There are some species, such as A. elizabethae and A. iniridae, that give even the most experienced breeders fits, but there are also some species that are so adaptable that over the last several decades, breeders have been able to fix a number of different color variants.

   One of the most spectacular species is called the cockatoo dwarf cichlid (A. cacatuoides) or sometimes just plain “cacatuoides.” They have become so popular that they are produced in quantity on Southeast Asian fish farms and are regularly available in the trade.

   The common and scientific names both come from the spectacular dorsal fin of the male. “Cacatuoides” means “like a cockatoo,” and it is an apt descriptor. The first several rays of the male’s dorsal fin are greatly elongated and are often carried erect, resembling the display crest of a cockatoo.
   Cacatuoides are generally considered to be an easy Apistogramma to keep and breed. However, any fish at any time can be impossible so if you have problems with them don't feel bad. Cacatuoides tolerate a wide range of water conditions. For general maintenance water of moderate hardness and neutral pH is perfectly acceptable. In their native range cacatuoides are found in a very wide range of water temperatures. In the aquarium you should have good success keeping them anywhere between 74 and 80 degrees. If you are spawning them research has shown that you will get the most balanced sex ratios if you keep the newly hatched fry at 79 degrees for their first three months.
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