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Aponogeton henkelianus - Narrow Leaf Lace *Rare* (Special Order)

Aponogeton henkelianus - Narrow Leaf Lace *Rare* (Special Order)

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*Special Order, contact shop on availability*

Genus: Aponogeton
Family: Aponogetonaceae
Structure: Bulb
Origin: Africa
Height: 25-50 cm
Width: 15-25 cm
Light: med - High
Temp: 15-26 °C
Ph: 5.0-7.5
Difficulty: Fast growing with CO2 and good lighting
Growth: Fast


Aponogeton henkelianus is a very special plant to be used in the aquarium. High demands almost made this plant extinct in its natural environment in Madagascar.
This beautiful plant is highly recommended for its very unique foliage.

This rare plant grows from a bulb and is a true collectors item similar to its relative the madagascar lace but with a taller more upright growth and more slender leaf with the same striking open leaf structure.

We are supplying locally growen plants from last seasons grow out approx 15-18 cm tall with 3-5 leaves

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