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Aquario Neo Lily Pipe Sets / Accessories

Aquario Neo Lily Pipe Sets / Accessories

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Neo Flow is made of PETG, not glass, and is also stronger than acrylic.

Neo Flow is a set of inlet and outlet with a transparent, high elasticity and compact design.

Free Flow Direction Change
You can freely change the direction of the water flow by using only one of the wings or by rotating the product.

Water flow can be customized

The water flow varies depending on the number of wings installed or the degree of insertion.
If only one wing is mounted, the water flow is formed in one direction.

Not Easily Broken and Transparent Flow Set

Neo Flow is made of PETG, not glass, and is also stronger than acrylic.
Unlike coloured plastics or stainless materials, it has excellent transparency.

Unlike glass, coloured plastic, and stainless steel products, Neo Flow has superior elasticity than acrylic.

Compact Design
Neo Flow is more compact design using the latest manufacturing method than other products.

Easy Cleaning
Unlike stainless and glass products, cleaning is easier because the inlet and outlet parts are separated from the pipe.

Easy Pipe Cutting
Also, unlike stainless steel and glass products, it is easily cut with a small saw as well as pipe scissors. 
In other words, consumers can optimally adjust the length to fit the size of their tank.

The radius of curvature is small
Compared to other products, the radius of curvature is small, so it is installed more closely to the glass.


Acrylic (Neo Holder)
Polycarbonate (Neo Holder)

Keep out of reach of children and pets
※ Use for Aquarium
※ Unnecessary force can break products
※ Due to the nature of the material, there may be some scratches and may occur newly during use.
※ It is slightly cloudy before contact with water, but it becomes transparent when the water flows.
※ Transparency may decrease over time, depending on water quality.

Set comes with:

  • 1 Neo Flow Outlet
  • 1 Neo Flow Inlet
  • 2 Neo Holder


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