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Banded Rainbow Goyder River


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Goyder River Trifasciata Rainbowfish is a beautiful fish native to Arnhem Land in Northern Australia. With it's bright Red Fins Blue Stripe down the middle and many other colours banded through it. This fish is the very definition of "Rainbow Fish"

Reproduction: Eggs scattered among plants, usually spawns in morning. First food for fry: Powder foods, Vinegar eels.

Feeding: Omnivorous, accepts most standard foods. Avoid beefheart, feed vegetable foods regularly.

Additional Comments: Rainbowfish prefer a planted tank with plenty of open swimming space. The Banded or Regal rainbow occurs in numerous geographic colour varieties, fish from the Goyder River (NT) are one of the nicest of Australian Rainbows: purple bodied with bright red body stripes and red and black fins.