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Betta Giant Male

Betta Giant Male

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*Photo is of actual fish*

Probably the single most popular fish kept around the world, the Betta or Siamese Fighting fish has been popular in its native Thailand for centuries and has been bred into dozens of color forms and strains.

The Giant Koi Plakat Betta is a shortfin variant named for its pattern of red, orange, and black like calico or tricolor Koi and line bred to grow to a much larger size than the typical Betta.

Like most Bettas, they are incredibly hardy, with the ability to breathe air from the surface which has led to their reputation as a popular “bowl fish”. In reality, Bettas will do best in a small aquarium with a heater and some form of filtration. As their name implies, males of this species will fight and must be kept singly but females can typically be kept in groups.

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