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Black Ghost Knife fish


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The black ghost knife fish is sensitive to changes in water conditions and is not recommended as a beginner fish. Water stability is key with this species. An adult Black Ghost Knife will need a large aquarium of at least 90 gallons in size, an important factor to keep in mind when purchasing this species in the store.

Black Ghost Knifes are fairly placid and are suitable as a community fish, they do well with other large species. They are less compatible with small, slow swimming fish such as guppies and other livebearers and may be attuned to fin nipping.

Ghost Knife Fish can be very shy when introduced to the aquarium. As mentioned before, they are nocturnal creatures and generally are most active at night. It will take a number of days to weeks for the Ghost Knife to recognize you as it’s food supply, at which point the Ghost Knife should become more active during feeding times. They are infamous for being very tame and ‘pettable’. It is not recommended to touch any of your aquarium inhabitants to restrict disease and injury.


Black Ghost Knife fish are omnivorous and will readily consume a variety of live foods – such as meat and worms, or flaked foods. Since they are nocturnal, these knife fish feed on their food during the night but can be trained to eat at the same time as the rest of the aquarium.

By feeding this species several times a day, they can rotate their sleep patterns to be more active when the lights are on. Consistency is important to ensure your black ghost knifefish are active during the day when you want to see them