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Dragonet - Scooter Ruby "Rare"

Dragonet - Scooter Ruby "Rare"

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Ruby Red Scooter Dragonet

The Ruby Red Scooter Dragonet is a fairly new scientific species with a deep red coloured body. It has showy yellowfins and half a black stripe down its back. Along with white patches strewn all over and a yellow belly, these are an extremely handsome species of fish.

The males can be spotted by the appearance of a large and elaborate dorsal fin which they use for moving around and performing mating rituals. Small success has been had when trying to breed this species in captivity. They will rise off the bottom substrate at night and spawn simultaneously, although the offspring are quite slow to develop.

The Red Ruby Scooter Dragonets scoot around on the bottom substrate due to lacking sufficient swimming fins. It gets its scientific name "Sycorax" from the Sycorax Warrior characters in the TV series Dr Who. They were seen to dress in red cloaks like the dragonet's colouring.

This species has only been found so far around the Jolo Island of the Sulu Archipelago in the Philippines. They inhabit areas of coral rubble with nearby outcrops of living stony and soft corals and have been seen at depths of up to 38 metres. Usually found in pairs or on their own.

Tank Recommendations for Red Ruby Scooter Dragonet

The smallest tank size required for these fish is 120 litres and will need to be added to an already well-established aquarium with sand substrate. Include plenty of rocks for hiding places. No special lighting requirements are needed but a well-fitted aquarium lid is a must. Ensure the tank has a sufficiently big enough footprint, i.e plenty of flat bottom area so the dragonet can move around and hunt.

Suitable Tank Buddies

These fish are a peaceful species and will happily co-exist with others of the same family. Just be sure to add them to the tank at the same time. They are bottom dwellers and as such should not be housed with anything that preys on this type of fish such as anemones.

Usually Compatible

They will get along great with dwarf species of Angelfish as well as Batfish, Boxfish and Butterflyfish. Clownfish, Damselfish and Gobies would make wonderful tank buddies too. Other excellent choices can include Hawkfish and Tangs. They are perfectly safe to keep along with living corals and they will not bother Seahorses or Pipefish either.

Sometime Compatible

Care must be taken when attempting to keep with species of Rays, Pufferfish and Parrotfish. Squirrelfish, Wrasses and Hogfish may also be problematic too. Filefish, large Angelfish and Grunts should have a close eye kept on them as well.

Rarely Compatible

Scorpionfish, Sharks and Snappers should not even be considered as they will see the dragonet as prey. Triggerfish, Lionfish and Groupers will also more than likely eat them too. Eels and Anglerfish will see them as a quick snack as well.

Feeding Your Red Ruby Scooter Dragonet

These creatures are carnivores and in the wild will actively hunt around for small invertebrates and whatever else they can find. It will thrive in a tank that has a good living sand bed that can provide plenty of natural small invertebrate foods. If supplementing their natural live prey you can feed them small meaty items such as chopped mysis and krill along with vitamin-enriched brine shrimp. Be aware that they will need a constant supply of natural live prey as they cannot survive on offered food alone.

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