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Angelfish Blue Face (Special Order) "Very Rare"

Angelfish Blue Face (Special Order) "Very Rare"

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The Blueface Angelfish goes through a remarkable color transformation from juvenile to adult.  The juvenile has interchanging blue, black and white vertical bands on its entire body.  Adults are spectacular and have a bluish green and yellow lattice-patterned body. There is a dark blue dot at the end of the dorsal fin and the face is iridescent blue with a yellow mask.

 The Blueface Angelfish is a delight to have, however it will nip at many corals and is not safe for reef tanks.  It’s best to keep one Blueface Angelfish per tank and to preferably add last due to its territorial nature.  House in a large tank with plenty of swimming room and live rock.  May nip at a variety of ornamental invertebrates in the aquarium setting.

 Angelfish will accept a wide variety of dry prepared, frozen and live foods; some examples are marine algae and mysis shrimp.  It is good to mix up the food during the week for adequate nutrition.  However when you want the ease of feeding, try Ocean Nutrition Formula One, as it provides easy solid nutrition for your angelfish.

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