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Corydora - Bronze (Corydoras aeneus)

Corydora - Bronze (Corydoras aeneus)

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Aquarium IndustriesThe bronze cory, also known as a bronze corydoras or a green corydoras, is a small, tropical catfish that ranks among the most popular cory catfish kept in home freshwater aquariums. These fish are easy to care for, hardy, and are a little on the shy side. This species is known to live to up to 10 years in captivity.    

COMMON NAMES: Bronze corydoras, green corydoras

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Corydoras aeneus

ADULT SIZE: 2.5 inches

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 5 to 10 years

Bronze corys are a schooling fish. Keep them in groups of at least five. Cory catfish tankmates can include most community tank fish as long as they are non-aggressive and friendly in nature. Otocinclus catfish, tetras, swordtails, and other corys can be a good fit. You will not want to put corys in the same tank with oscars, Texas cichlids, or Jack Dempseys. They can injure corys or may eat them.


Family Callichthyidae
Origin Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela
Social Peaceful
Tank Level Bottom-dwelling
Minimum Tank Size 10 gallon
Diet Omnivore
Breeding Egglayer
Care Easy
pH 5.8 to 7.0
Hardness 2 to 30 dGH
Temperature 72 to 79 F (22 to 26 C)
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