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Cactus Corals (Pavona sp.)

Cactus Corals (Pavona sp.)

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A fascinating coral with shape and texture, the Pavona Coral is from the classification of Small Polyp Stony or SPS corals. Within the aquarium hobby they are referred to by a variety of names including: Pavona Coral, Lettuce Coral, Potato Chip Coral and Cactus Coral. They vary not only in name, but also in color as they come in green, tan and fluorescent color forms. Pavona Corals are best kept by hobbyists who have at least intermediate level experience keeping corals and reef aquariums. While they are not difficult to maintain, the Pavona Coral does need moderate to high lighting and strong water currents as it is a filter feeding specimen that takes much of its nutrition from organisms filtered from the water column.

Low Light

Low light translates to about 30-50 PAR

Medium Light

Medium Light is between 50-150 PAR

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