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Chihiros A II Series Freshwater LED Light

Chihiros A II Series Freshwater LED Light

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**Chihiros 120cm LED Lights are a bulky item.  A shipping  surcharge may be required for regional WA and Eastern States customers. Bulky items are not covered under Free Freight **

The Chihiros A Series Light is LED and ideal for planted aquariums providing an advanced lighting system and spectrum to make your plants thrive and flourish.  It is has advanced controllability with its built in Bluetooth to make it easy to set and forget.

Features and Specifications:

  • Waterproof Level IP43
  • Easy to install
  • Universal: colour temperature - White
  • Lasting: up to 50 thousand hours of operation
  • Fixed size (mounting legs are not adjustable)
  • App controllable via Bluetooth

    Light Size and Power:

    30cm - 14w

    45cm - 21w

    60cm - 26w

    60cm - 40w

    120cm - 53w

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