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Tetra Congo

Tetra Congo

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Scientific Name Phenacogrammus interruptus

Alestopetersius interruptus, Hemigrammalestes interruptus, Micralestes interruptus

Common Name Congo Tetra
Family Alestiidae
Origin Congo River, Zaire
Adult Size 3–3 ½ inches
Social Peaceful schooling fish
Lifespan 3–5 years
Tank Level All levels
Minimum Tank Size 40 gallons
Diet Omnivores
Breeding Egg layer
Care Moderate
pH 6.0–6.5
Hardness Prefer soft water
Temperature 73.0–82.0 degrees Fanhrenheit (22.8–27.8 degrees Celsius)

Origin and Distribution

These African Characins are found in the upper reaches of the River Congo in Zaire. They populate streams, tributaries, pools, and marshes, preferring murky, slightly acidic water. Congo Tetra generally congregates in areas with tall vegetation, few trees, and substrates made up of sand, silt, and mud. Swimming in large schools, the Tetra feed on worms, crustaceans, insects, plant matter, and algae.

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