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Salifert GH General Hardness Test - Freshwater

Salifert GH General Hardness Test - Freshwater

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GH is measured in dGH (degrees of GH) and ppm. It measures the amount of calcium and magnesium ions in the water. In other words, how hard or soft your water is. 

It is an indication on whether your aquarium water has enough minerals(Magnesium, calcium etc.) and/or salts that are essential for health and growth of your fishes and even plants. 

Ideally, freshwater aquariums have a GH between 4-8 dGH (or 70-140 ppm).
A change in GH levels may also be required when breeding certain fishes such as Discus.

Some of the common symptoms of low GH include,

  • Fishes with poor appetite, slow growth rate, lethargy, or faded colors
  • Plants with signs of calcium or mineral deficiencies
  • Crayfishes, shrimps having trouble molting, death during molting
  • Snails with thin, flaking, or pitted shells

Performs: 70 tests

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