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Water Rose (Samolus parviflorus) RED

Water Rose (Samolus parviflorus) RED

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*Picture is adult plant at full potential***

It is a relative easy to grow plant, best suited to the midground of the tank. It is a stem plant that that remains short and red under high light conditions, producing red leaves in a tight bunch that almost seem to sprout from a center rosette. However, it produces taller shoots when overcrowded or under insufficient lighting. Stronger lighting also induces redder coloration in this species, while growing it in more moderate lighting produces orange hues. Richer dosing, or having a rich substrate produces rounder, fuller leaves. Poorer lighting and nutrient lean conditions produce greener and thinner leaves. The plant can look completely green if neglected and in shade.

The plant is quite hardy and can grow in non CO2 injected tanks and also in harder, more alkaline water. However, it grows with fuller leaves with better coloration with CO2 injection. It has moderate growth rates compared to other aquarium plants and thus is easily managed as less

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