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Crinum natans *Rare* (Special Order)

Crinum natans *Rare* (Special Order)

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*Special Order, contact shop on availability*

Care: medium demanding (4/10)

Family: Amaryllidaceae

Illumination: medium to strong, ( 0.5 w / l or 20 lumens / l)

Size: up to 120 cm

Water conditions: pH 6 - 8, kH 4-18, Temperature 15-28 ° C

Reproduction: If the plant grows well and has good conditions next to the mother bulb shoots young bulbs that can be removed and planted as a stand-alone plant.

Color: light to dark green

Source: Cameroon; Central African Republic; Congo; Ivory Coast; Equatorial Guinea; Gabon; Ghana; Guinea; Liberia; Mauritania; Nigeria; Sierra Leone

Biotope / habitat: Fast, flowing African waters.

Growth: This plant will bear tall leaves that reach to the water surface, sometimes a flower stalk may appear that will grow very quickly to the water level. The plant itself grows slowly.
Planting: Plant it in the base but not too deep, the bulb must partially look out of the base, otherwise it will rot. It develops a strong root system and a thick layer of quality substrate with nutrients helps to improve growth. As little as possible or even better - we never transplant it.

Special features: The plant has an impressive size and is suitable for larger aquariums, it has a very attractive appearance with its wrinkled leaves, it also likes to bloom in plenty of light. We plant it in the background of the aquarium. It is suitable for an aquarium with herbivorous fish, as the fish will leave it alone because of its very durable and strongly fiber-intertwined leaves.

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