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Tang Desjardinii Sailfin (Zebrasoma desjardinii)

Tang Desjardinii Sailfin (Zebrasoma desjardinii)

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These beautiful disc-shaped fish are an ideal candidate for someone looking to start keeping tangs. They are peaceful, hardy, reef-safe and less prone to disease than other Tangs.

Care should be taken when handling these fish, they have a sharp “scalpel” like spine running along each side of the caudel fin. They will use this to defend themselves and their territory.

The dorsal and anal fins are much larger in these Tangs, which is what gives them the disc-shaped appearance. When the fins are fully extended the total height of the fish is roughly the same length as the fish.

These fish will grow to a massive size, they should only be kept in a suitably sized aquarium. They occupy every inch of your tank, they enjoy open swimming but require lots of bolt holes should they feel the need to hide.

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