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Tetra Diamond

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Care Level Moderate
Temperament Peaceful
Color Form Orange, White
Diet Omnivore
Water Conditions 75-82° F, KH 4-8, pH 6.0-7.5
Max. Size 2"
Origin Venezuela
Family Characidae
Minimum Tank Size 10 gallons

The Diamond Tetra, is native to South American inland waters. They are said to sparkle like a diamond with their silvery scales and orange accents.

These Tetras prefer a heavily planted tank and softer water on the acidic side. They are ideal fish to put in a community tank and prefer to school with an odd number of at least 3 Diamond Tetras, making them an attractive addition to your home aquarium.

To breed them, separate a pair into a "breeding tank" with no lighting at first and then gradually increase it until spawning occurs. Water hardness should be less than 4 degrees and live food such as mosquito larvae are great inducers. Be sure to remove the adults after the eggs have been laid, as the adults will eat them. The eggs should hatch within 30 hours.

Diamond Tetras will accept many small foods such as brine shrimp or daphnia, freeze-dried bloodworms and tubifex, micro pellet food, and a high quality flake food.