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Dr Tims Ammonia Chloride Solution 60ml


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Dr Tims Ammonia Chloride is the start for a fishless cycle and use in conjuction with the Dr Tims One and Only to get the start up that you need for a stable aquarium.                                                Description

60ml bottle of reagent grade ammonium chloride for use when fishless cycling.

  • Concentration is 50 mg/L of total ammonia-nitrogen (TAN). Dose 1 drop per 38 litres of aquarium water.

  • 1 drop equals 0.05 ml so this bottle will treat 4466 litres.

    Generally during a fishless cycle one needs to add ammonium chloride to their tank 3 or 4 times so this bottle is enough ammonia to cycle aquariums up to 946 litres.


  • Ideally add 1 drop per 38 litres.
  • Using a test kit the preferred level is 2ppm of Ammonia in the reading.
  • Do not exceed 5ppm