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Drip Acclimation Kit for Fish/Invertabrates

Drip Acclimation Kit for Fish/Invertabrates

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-Comes with instructions

It is recommended to acclimate your livestock slowly to adapt slowly to your aquariums parameters. All aquariums have different levels of PH, Alkalinity, Nitrates, Phosphates, GH and Salinity (Marine)! Some shops even run their marine fish systems at a very low salinity, so acclimating your fish to the correct salinity will stop salinity and PH shock. Introducing livestock to your tank straight away can cause shock as a result of different water parameters, resulting in stress, disease outbreaks and even death! It is your responsibility to ensure you acclimate your new livestock as comfortably as possible.  

Highly recommend for: Marine Fish, Invertebrates, Sensitive Freshwater Fish

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