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Guppy Dumbo Male - Various

Guppy Dumbo Male - Various

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Guppies are a classic aquarium fish. They have been bred for a variety of colors, patterns and fin shapes, and are generally named for the color of their tail, tail shape and body coloration.

  • The large, deeply colored pectoral fins of the Elephant Ear Guppy make it a striking fish that can be easily distinguished from other, more common Guppies.
  • Food may be flaked, frozen, dried or live. Feed a variety of food to ensure complete nutrition.
  • Care Level: Easy
    Temperament: Peaceful
    Color Form: Every color imaginable
    Lifespan: Up to 2 years
    Size: 0.6 – 2.4 inches
    Diet: Omnivores
    Family: Poeciliidae
    Minimum Tank Size: 5 gallons
    Tank Set-Up: Freshwater, plants and substrate
    Compatibility: Other peaceful community fish
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