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FireAqua Paludarium

FireAqua Paludarium

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*Special order item. Please contact us to order one* Same week delivery*
** Please contact us for a Freight Quote as tanks and paludariums are Large / Bulky items and not covered under Free Freight **

*Paludarium tanks supplied are blank systems and not complete setups as depicted in display photos.

paludarium is a type of vivarium that incorporates both terrestrial and aquatic elements.

Paludaria (or paludariums) usually consist of an enclosed container in which organisms specific to the biome being simulated are kept.

They may be maintained for purely aesthetic reasons or for scientific or horticultural purposes.

The word 'paludarium' comes from the Latin word 'palus' meaning marsh or swamp and '-arium' which refers to an enclosed container. 

Tanks are black vinyled and have a pump chamber. 

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