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Tetra Gold (Hemigrammus Rodwayi) - WILD

Tetra Gold (Hemigrammus Rodwayi) - WILD

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The Gold Tetra is one of the cutest characins. It has a golden hue on its silver-based skin, small in diameter, but moves usually in groups of 5 or more, which is a sight to see in any aquarium or natural habitat. It gets the golden hue from ‘guanin’, a natural process of secretion in its skin to protect itself from some parasites, because the gold tetra has natural predisposition to contract the trematode parasite.

For the fish keepers, the Gold Tetra is not easy to acquire as other tetras like the Neon Tetra, Cardinal Tetra, Diamond Tetra etc., but if you manage to come by some, they will serve as a sparkling extension to your aquatic community. You will need a larger fish tank, since they live in groups, preferably a 20 gallon tank. Choose the décor carefully because the gold tetra needs open-space to swim and don’t like brightness that much, so decorate on the sides of the tank and use some floating plants or decorations that can dim the lights in the aquarium.

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