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Goldfish - Ranchu 5cm

Goldfish - Ranchu 5cm

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The Ranchu is a highly regarded fancy goldfish in Japan. Compared to lionheads, Ranchus have a more downturned tail and tail fin. Although similar to lionheads, ranchus have more-arched backs and have much shorter tails that are tucked-in at a sharp angle.

To properly care for Ranchu goldfish, maintain optimal water quality with regular checks and changes. Ensure a filtration system is in place and keep water temperature between 65-72°F (18-22°C). Additionally, feed a well-balanced diet consisting of pellets, vegetables, and occasional treats like live foods.

cientific Name:  Carassius auratus
Other Names:  Buffalo-head Goldfish
Lifespan:  8-15 years
Size:  5-8 inches
Care:  Medium difficult
Diet:  Omnivores, insects, tubifex, bloodworms, and other similar foods
Water Conditions:  65°F-75°F, 7.0-8.0 pH, 5-19 dKH
Tank Size:  55 Gallons
Behavior:  Calm, Easy-going
Breeding Difficulty:  High
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