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Gourami Licorice

Gourami Licorice

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The licorice gourami is one of the many species of the Osphronemidae family of fish. This freshwater fish is popular among aquarists because of its unique appearance, interesting behaviors, and ability to survive in different conditions.

Unique among other gourami fish, its ray-finned body has a silver base with vertical black stripes and a black head with an upturned mouth.

The licorice gouramis spectacular colors, interesting behaviors, and potential for success in many conditions make it an excellent choice for aquarium hobbyists. However, male species will often display aggressive behaviors to other males of the same species.

Be cautious when mixing licorice gouramis with other species or any other fish with different coloration. If you must do it, ensure you have a larger and well-decorated tank.

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